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newly made Japanese sword to order

Contact information

Japanese Swords & Asian Arts
Roy Echtermeijer
The Netherlands

Email & Order : info@japanszwaard.nl

Tel : +31 (0)6 486 799 43
BTWnr. (tax nr.): NL 001 181 508 B29

Bank Account:

ING Bank
Gero Trading
Reknr : 76.54.575
Swift / BIC : INGBNL2A
IBAN : NL65INGB0007654575

By collecting more than 40 years of Japanese swords and art and being connected to various associations, knowledge has increased and a collection has developed.
I am also 1 to 2 times a year in Japan to expand the collection and to buy and further my knowledge about the Samurai and his sword.

Payments by Credit Card is possible due PayPal. For more Information, please ask us.
Payment account-email ; info@japanszwaard.nl

Note: if you see our products through auction websites or through third parties offered, you have to assume that fraud or cyber crime takes place, and the sold items are not delivered to you!
We appreciate it, if you inform us as soon as possible about this fraud business.

Selling Conditions

We guarantee our items to be genuine, unless noted.
When we describe a Sword or Oshigata, we do by best knowledge or by experts, as far they can judge.
For all items we sell, you can inform yourself better by email when required.

Items will be send to the buyer when full payment came in.
We will put the item “on hold” till your payment comes in, maximum time for payment international is 8 days.
Prices are included 9% VAT for antique and 21% for new products.
The shipment and insurance are allways at expences for the buyer.
We offer a 48 hour inspection period for swords.

If they are not as described, and not in that way to your satisfaction, you can send it back, and we will refund your money, less any shipping and bank-costs.
The 48 hour period starts at the moment the sword is delivered to your address.
When you mail us whitin that time, with your arguments, we will notice this for return.
After 48 hour the transaction is final.
All costs for any return, damage or missing parts to and from the sword will be at the buyers expences, the buyer is responsible for customs and duties in his own country.
The buyer has to ship the sword as received, with the exact notes we give to him for the return shipment.
Please note; consignment saled items cannot be returned or have any warrantee.

We will not be liable for any claims, actions, suits, proceedings, costs, expenses, damages or liabilities arising out of the describtion of our items.
We are undertaking eventualy writing faults, mistakes or describtions at any item, the customer can take no rights out of the text, photo's or prices on the website.

We will not sell swords and knives by law to persons below 18 years old.
When we will have some doubts, we will ask for some identification.

For further information you can send an email to : info@japanszwaard.nl


If you consider to sell a sword or other Asian items, please contact us by email and send a describtion and photo's.
Or we ask you to send us the sword, or item, to look at it better before purchasing.
Sending an item to us is at your expences, retournation-costs are at our expences.
We make you an offer, and when we come together for the purchasing, we will pay you directly.

For further information you can send an email to : info@japanszwaard.nl


We can put your sword or item at our website, we take care for the description, photo's , shipments and payment.
After selling your item we will pay you, when we received the buyers money.
We charge you 15% from the selling price, when not sold we charge you 10% from the asking price including fee's and H&S.

For further information you can send an email to : info@japanszwaard.nl

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