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Introduction Japanese Swords & Asian Arts.

After a long time in collecting Japanese Swords and other Asian art, we now start an E-commerce shop for those items. But in first line, I always will be a sword collector, and yes, I buy swords and sell them too.
Since I became member from the Dutch Token Society in 1978, I combined quite a lot of knowledge.

We offer you a nice range of good Japanese Swords and related items, as Sword-fittings, Japanese Woodblock Prints, Scroll's, Netsuké, Paintings, Statues and more.


We also offer you to sell us your items, as we can take them in Consignment for you.

You also can visit us, but only if you have made an appointment.
Contact : Roy Echtermeijer.

Note: if you see our products through auction websites or through third parties offered, you have to assume that fraud or cyber crime takes place, and the sold items are not delivered to you!
We appreciate it, if you inform us as soon as possible about this fraud business.